Q.  What storage space does it take up?

A.  When not in use the CarryMaster folds and collapses by its telescopic action into an easily stored size of less than a meter in length and has a width and breadth which is no greater than the greatest width of the handle bar. It can be stored in a laundry cupboard or under a bed.

Q.  How is it environmentally friendly?

A.   The CarryMaster bags are long lasting, reusable and able to be washed. With a CarryMaster there is no need for planet harming plastic bags or supermarket trolleys that often end up dumped in streets and waterways.The materials that the CarryMaster bags are made from are fully recyclable.

Q.  What is the maximum the CarryMaster can hold?

A.   The CarryMaster will carry 32 kilograms fully laden. You will very quickly work out how to pack your trolley during shopping to achieve the maximum use.

Q.   Does the CarryMaster fall over?

A.    No. The CarryMaster is fitted with a stabiliser that prevents it from tipping over.

Q.   Are the bags a better quality than normal "Green Bags"?

A.    Yes. The CarryMaster bags are heavy duty with plastic inserts to make loading easier.  A flap is provided to cover the top of the bags if required. The bags are washable.

Q.   What does the price include?

A.    The price for the CarryMaster trolley includes GST within Australia (subject to the Terms & Conditions).

Q  What are the dimensions?

A.    98 cm (L) x 37 cm (H) x 41 cm (W) and weighs 7 kgs folded.