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About Us Carry Master

 Since the advent of supermarkets, shoppers have had to withstand the rigours of using supermarket supplied trolleys that are usually heavy, unwieldy and often unmanageable in small areas and sloping surfaces like car parks and footpaths.

With only one or two large baskets in their design, users of existing supermarket trolleys will need to bundle all of their groceries together. The bundling of groceries is often accompanied by breakages (eggs and other liquids) that can permeate into other grocery items. CarryMaster has been designed to allow shopper to spread their groceries over four bags. This prevents items from becoming squashed or contaminated by other products.

Back in 2009 the inventors, Keith and Victor and their partners, found a simple trip to the supermarket to be an exhausting and frustrating experience. It often took more than one trip to get their groceries from the boot of their car up the lift into their apartment. The problem required a solution!

They designed a trolley that was easy to use and could make shopping trips more pleasurable and streamlined. CarryMaster is the result of many years of design trials and testing. The inventors are very excited to be able share their concept with all Australians.

Keith and Victor showcased their original design on the ABC’s New Inventors program. They won the People’s Choice award on the night. Since then a group of investors have come on board to help bring this clever trolley to market.

CarryMaster has been produced using very high quality materials making this a long lasting investment piece. Your back will thank you!