No More Plastic Bags For Shopping June 16 2014

CarryMaster a shopping trolley and shopping bag in one for convenience and without the overuse of plastic bags. For many years since the advent of Supermarkets, shoppers have had to withstand the rigors of using Supermarket supplied shopping trolleys that are usually heavy, unwieldy, often becoming unmanageable in small areas and sloping surfaces like car parks and footpaths.

Often because of having only one or two large baskets in their design, users of existing Supermarket Trolleys, will need to bundle all of their groceries together. This bundling of groceries is often accompanied by breakages (eggs and other liquids etc) that can permeate into other grocery items.

The CarryMaster has been specially devised in order to allow shoppers to separate their groceries into individual bags. This prevents items from being squashed or contaminated by other products.

  • The CarryMaster features three over sized wheels to make controlling and maneuvering easy –
  • The two rear wheels have a brake mechanism for safety.
  • The CarryMaster has many more benefits.

CarryMaster Benefits

  • Easily stored – fits neatly into the car boot or condominium cupboard ready for use
  • Easily folded for storage and unfolded for use 
  • Lightweight Robust Frame that won’t rust and can handle all terrains - means it can be used just about anywhere.
  • Large “All Terrain” wheels – give the CarryMaster a high maneuverability.
  • The CarryMaster comes with 5 bags which are designed to assist when passing through the Supermarket checkout. The bags also have a small loop attached to their tops which fits onto checkout operators bag hooks.
  • Guaranteed to carry a payload of 32 kilograms
  • Two fold down pegs on the rear of the CarryMaster also allow for the transport of bulky items.
  • The unique design of the CarryMaster means that it will not damage vehicles and building interiors (for example lifts in High Rise apartments).

Environmentally Friendly

The use of existing trolleys prolongs and adds to environmental damage, for example - Australians use 6.9 billion plastic bags per year of which it is said that 50-80 million end up in our environment as rubbish and in our waterways.

The easily attached and detached bags have covers to protect against the environment.